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in the courtyard of the main building of the Warsaw University of Technology


2009-2014:  full-time doctoral studies and doctorate - academic degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
scientific discipline: architecture and urban planning
- Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture
PhD. thesis Architect's ethical responsibility in the field of tangible cultural heritage in Poland (in Polish, (electronic version is available at a website

2010-2011:  complementary education - Postgraduate Studies Monuments Architectural Heritage and Conservation
- Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Faculty of Fine Arts

1995-2000:  higher technical education - master's degree
title: M.Sc. Eng. in Architecture
faculty: architecture and urban planning
- Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture

1993-1998:  higher technical extramural studies - engineer's degree
title: Eng. in Civil Engineering
specialization: building and engineering constructions specjalność: konstrukcje budowlane i inżynierskie
- Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architectureand Environmental Engineering

Qualifications and work experience

2004:  architect's licence for unlimited design for the construction industry - Kujawsko-Pomorskie District Chamber of Architects

Architectural and construction design 

since 2005:  comprehensive construction design by own architectural studio Biuro Projektowe - Furmanek Aleksander; mostly multi-family residential development, public and commercial buildings (also located in old urban fabric with protection of historic monuments)

2002-2004:  design cooperation with a few architectural firms from Torun (projects: historical, industrial, commercial, public and other buildings)

Architectural concepts 

since 2001:  preparing several dozen of architectural concepts for different building developments - beginning from small one-family houses, through educational, commercial and industrial objects, up to multi-functional complexes

Property condition surveys 

Strumykowa street in Torun - southwest side illustration

2010:   the dormitory of Grammar School, location - Kosciuszki street in Ciechocinek

2007:   an apartment house, localization - 18, Tumska street in Chelmza

2005:   a military kindergarten with supporting buildings, location at 19, Wola Zamkowa street in Torun

2004:   inventory drawings of the theatre building "Baj Pomorski", which is located at 9, Piernikarska street in Torun

2002:   residential building, localization at 22, Wały Gen. Sikorskiego in Torun

2001:   an apartment house, location - 8, Mostowa street in Torun

Site experience

since 2005:  design supervision during realizations of buildings, which were designed by Biuro Projektowe - Furmanek Aleksander (photography - multifamily development complex, location - Zbozowa

2001-2002:  working as a site engineer in a company "MARBUD" Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) at different construction sites of some residential (one-family houses and multifamily dwellings), public (school) and commercial buildings (shopping pavilion) located in Torun and neighbouring areas


2005-2009:   verifications of prepared documentations (checking the conformity with the building regulations)

2005-2006:   preparing a few functional programs (educational and residential buildings) for The City Office of Torun

2004:   (photography) taking part in a competition for architectural conception of flower shops at the Old Square in Torun

Scholar work

since 2014:   UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture
- academic teacher

2013-2015:  WSG University of Economy in Bydgoszcz
- academic teacher


  • Leading (together with Wojciech Giżycki, lawyer) Workshops for Disciplinary District Courts of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland in Warsaw in June 22, 2017

 Scientific publications

 Membership in architectural organisations

since 2004:   Kujawsko-Pomorska Okregowa Izba Architektow RP - District Branch of  Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland (IA RP)

  • Member of the Disciplinary District Court – in the years 2006÷2010
  • Deputy District Commissioner of Professional Responsibility – in the years 2010÷2014
  • Secretary of the Disciplinary District Court – in the years 2014÷2016
  • Delegate to the conventions of KPOIA RP – since March 2014
  • Chairman of the committee for copyright law – in the years 2014÷2018
  • Member of the team for practicing the architect's profession (operating at National Council of Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland) – in the years 2015÷2018
  • Member of the National Disciplinary Court – since December 2016

since 2000:   Association of Polish Architects (SARP) - District Branch in Torun

  • Member of the Branch Board – in the years 2003÷2009
  • Member of the Court of Arbitration – in the years 2009÷2012
  • Chairman of the Court of Arbitration – in the years 2015÷2019
  • Vice-chairman of the Court of Arbitration – since 2019


  • Badge of Honour of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland - 1st Degree – March 27, 2010
  • Honorable mention in the "Object of the Year - 2011-2012 Edition" (in the category of "public utility objects"), the competition organized by the City of Torun, for the Dialogue Centre building, which is located at pl. Bl. Ks. Phm. S. Frelichowskiego 1 in Torun
  • Badge of Honour of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland - 2nd Degree – June 2, 2017
  • Honorable mention of SARP - 3rd Degree – December 16, 2019

 Interests & hobby

  • architecture, architectural heritage
  • computer graphics
  • creating websites
  • philosophy, deontology
  • cycling
  • snowboarding
  • sailing

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